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YouTube Join Button: Support YouTubers

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[if IE 9]> YouTube sponsorship: support with a single click YouTube is the most popular video website in the world and the second largest search engine after Google. Thousands of content producers upload their videos to YouTube every day. Recently, the YouTube platform itself announced that video creators are now able to integrate a "Join" button on their YouTube channel . Until now, the support button was only available for gaming channels. This option is now open to other categories of channels as well. Thanks to a cancellable monthly subion , viewers can now receive special emojis, have an int member areaerne and exclusive discounts on the creator"s promotional products or gifts. Thus, subscribers belong to a sort of exclusive club , as was the custom on donation platforms such as Patreon and Kickstarter. YouTube is opening up a thriving market and linking its content creators more closely to the video platform, since they no longer have to turn to external sites such as Patreon. Find out everything you need to know about YouTube sponsorship and the new button named "join in this guide. Summary "> Join a YouTuber: what does the" join? button consist of What are the advantages and the disadvantages of funding by YouTube subscribers? Overview of the advantages and disadvantages of a subion on YouTube Join a YouTuber: what is the "join" button ? Once a chain offers the option YouTube subion, shewill be displayed under all the operator videos for the channel . Next to the red button to subscribe to the channel, you will also find a blue subion button which in France is entitled "Join . [if IE 9]> " style = "max- height: 400px; max-width: 99%; "> In the version French from YouTube, the subscribe button is titled "Join. It is blue and is located next to the red "Subscribe. button As an official YouTuber subscriber, you have certain advantages compared to non-subscribers. The benefits and benefits to which you are entitled as a subscriber depend on the respective YouTuber. The latter can provide materiall exclusive video and distribute des promotional codes, recommendations, images or additional content similar to its subscribers. Special announcements or real-life events such as fan meetings can also be arranged exclusively for subscribers. Thus, a YouTuber would particularly like to thank its subscribers for their support. In addition, it strengthens the feeling of subscribers to be part of their own fan community. Conseil Want to know how to increase the number of your subscribers on YouTube to be eligible for the subion program? With our guide to YouTube-SEO topics, making money with YouTube and become an influencer you can start your success story now. The performance of a subscriber on YouTube is similar to that of comparable supports on donation platforms like Patreon and Kickstarter . On both portals, subscribers can choose between different packages which amount to different amounts and are associated with different exclusive offers from the content creator. For many fans, these extras are the reason why they pay the creator a monthly amount. If this principle works so well, it"s because performance is rewarded with a reward . Unlike the platforms mentioned above, YouTube itself does not offer than a single model and at a fixed monthly price of 4.99 euros. The questionwhich is whether different sponsor packages will be offered on YouTube in the future depends on the extent to which the sponsor function is accepted by users. If this model is successful, channel operators could have more freedom in designing their YouTube subion plan. After completing your YouTube membership, the amount will be automatically debited from your account at the start of the month . YouTube requires a valid credit or debit card number or you can accept debit via Paypal . Membership can be canceled monthly. The promoter is not bound to respect a deadline to do this. You can also pause your subion if you wish. YouTuber can change and expand the benefits for subscribers over time. [if IE 9]> Before becoming a YouTuber subscriber, you can see what kind of extras you can expect as a subscriber. As a YouTuber, you can write your own message in the VIP area to get attention subscribers on special extras. What are the advantages and disadvantages of funding by YouTube subscribers? Supporting a channel has some advantages for subscribers, for example, subscribers can enhance video comments with icons and emojis personalized by the channel owner. Thus, all visitors to comment forums can see who is a subscriber to the channel.You can also access creator discounts : these can be discount codes for the YouTuber merchandise page or reduced prices for events to which YouTuber is invited. Some YouTubers even offer subscribers free or discounted access to training or the opportunity to meet the creator in person. In addition, the name of the subscriber is displayed in green in the live streams and marked as "NEW SUBSCRIBER with a small red camera behind the name. This helps to ensure that the public knows that this person has invested in the creator. YouTube seems to have copied this principle from the live streaming platform Twitch , in which cats also highlight subscribers to a symbolic channel. If you subscribe to a channel, you will pay around 5 euros per month. According to YouTube , the author receives a 70% share of this amount, about 3.50 euros, which the channel operator receives monthly for each subscriber. However, taxes are also deducted from this money. This makes YouTube relatively expensive compared to platforms dedicated to crowdfunding such as Patreon and GoFundMe. The latter charges around 5-10% for fees, so the project operator receives 90-95% of the donations. However, YouTube has a greater reach than other platforms. And thanks to the YouTube subion, a fan who wants to support one of his favorite channels no longer needs to be linked by the operator of the channel to an external crowdfunding project page, where he must then create an additional account. The YouTube subion program means for YouTubers and fans that the entire business and support model works on one platform . This practical possibility of making a donation could be the factr decisive for many fans to support their favorite YouTuber with just a few clicks of a small amount. Thanks to the YouTube subion program, YouTubers themselves can theoretically do without cross-platform work which takes a lot of time, which leaves them more time for their real work: creating content (although it can be useful to use several platforms, if you have enough time to manage the different accounts on different platforms). However, right now a YouTube content producer needs at least 100,000 subscribers to be offered the opportunity to participate in the subion program in the first place. As with any new YouTube feature, it will likely be tested which features and subion models are most useful from which number of subscribers. YouTube is likely to make some changes toyears to come until the subion program really starts. If you operate a YouTube channel, you should in any event be informed regularly about YouTube subion in order to be update on the latest news. The sooner you integrate the "Join YouTube" button (as soon as you are approved), the more likely you are to win early adopters as subscribers and therefore not only earn more money, but also increase your Scope. The biggest disadvantages of subscribing to YouTube in its current form are, without a doubt, the relatively high fees and the minimum number of 100,000 "followers . Advice Are the feess generally too high for you and / or are you using a small channel that is not (yet) suitable for the program? In this case, you should consider other funding or donation platforms. In our articles on Crowdfunding and Crowdfunding platforms , you can learn more about these popular funding models. Overview of the advantages and disadvantages of subscribing on YouTube Benefits Disadvantages Subscribers can directly support their favorite YouTuber via the video portal YouTube retains a relatively large commission on donations. On a donation of 5 euros, it actually amounts to 3.50 euros to YouTuber. This amount is then taxable The subscribers are then part of an exclusive club and take advantage of special advantages (in particular emoticons, highlighting in chat, participation in exclusive events, etc.) YouTubers can only qualify for the subion program from 100,000 subscribers or more. Small canals suffer. In addition, the temptation to artificially generate followers with dubious methods is growing. For YouTubers, there is no need for tedious multiplatform work if they wish to collect donations So far, there is only oneul model for subscribers: 5 euros per month. Subion on YouTube is therefore still inflexible today and leaves no freedom of choice to subscribers or channel operators. The" Join "button below the YouTube videos is discreet and easy to use. The use is simple and the button is well integrated into the basic functions of YouTube. Donors do not can currently only pay by credit card or PayPal. Payment methods such as direct debit are still missing. Please read the legal notices in in force on this article.