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Ski jumping - Equipment

Ski jumping tutorial   2020-11-20 23:38:29

Ski jumping - Equipment Ski jumping is a typical winter sport, so it is necessary that all the equipment used for this sport must comply with FIS standards and must be intact and comfortable to improve the performance of the skier. In this chapter, we will discuss some important equipment that one will need while traveling. Jumping skis Jumping skis are heavy and are specially designed for this ski discipline. These skis are approximately 252 cm long and are equipped with free heel bindings. Ski boots Ski boots are made for the sole purpose of ski jumping. A ski jumper must have ski boots that allow him to lean forward during a flight. These are flexible but of firm structure, high back and also have a low cut in the front. Ski bindings Ski bindings must be tied from tellThe way that more of the length of the ski is used as the front part. They must be paced in parallel with the direction of the race. To prevent skis from shaking during a flight, part of the ski bindings should be used as a connecting cord. Ski suit Ski jumpers require a sleek, streamlined and stretchy ski jump suit. The whole ski jump suit should be made of the same material. Comfort and fit are the two important factors in the ski jumpsuits. ski jumping suits. It should make you feel comfortable. Ski helmet Do not forget to wear a helmet because head injuries are the cause. one of the most common injuries in skiing. Wearing a helmet can reduce your risk of head injuries.