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How to promote a flash sale on facebook and instagram

Social media   2020-11-08 04:19:21

Are you running flash sales? Wondering how to promote your flash sale on social media? In this article, you will learn how to promote short term sales with organic posts and pa id ads on Instagram and Facebook. Why you need a different approach to promote a flash sale Everyone loves a flash sale. Limited time deals and short term sales can be effective ways to inject revenue into your online store, especially around important days of the marketing calendar. Most flash sales last 24 hours or less; therefore, campaigns that promote them are also short lived. To optimize performance in such short time frames, you need to take a different campaign management approach longer campaigns. Here"s how you can maximize your efforts to advance yourcampaigns and increase your ad spend. # 1: Create a Facebook event for your flash sale Creating a Facebook event for your flash sale not only allows you to "add all the important details about the event, but also create an organic reach by customers indicating that they are "present" or "interested". Additionally, Facebook"s algorithm is likely to show your event to people who may be interested, as indicated by their social activity, which further extends your reach. Most importantly, people who mark themselves as late or interested will receive a notification about con tent or updates update the event and a reminder when the event is due to start. # 2: Start a Reach pre-launch campaign with ads on Instagram and Facebook Start a promotion announcing your flash sale guarantees that potential customers will see it.these pa id on Facebook and Instagram is vital in today"s pay-to-play market. Not only will you increase your visibility and create a conversation about your upcoming sale, but you will also improve your Facebook pixel . Priming your pixel means you"re heating up Facebook. If you build engagement and expand your reach before launching your flash sale, Facebook will know exactly who is ready to buy due to their activity and engagement in the prep period. You"ll create a warm audience that you can retarget (as discussed a little later). In a nutshell, that initial priming - thanks to the pixel - will put your product in front of people who are already interested in selling it. At no additional cost to you, this will reduce CPA (cost per acquisition) and increase your ROAS (return on ad spend) . This is a smart application of the technologie advertising. Here is an example ad flash sale ad: Normally when setting up Facebook ads for ecommerce you would choose the Conversions goal as it is likely to Achieve the highest ROAS. This also trains your pixel to tackle the customer who will buy from you. In the process, it also lets Facebook know more about your ideal customer. This is great for people who are in the buying stage. When you run conversion ads, you are effectively removing a piece of the pie. You are going to get quick wins with people who buy. But with flash sales, customers may look a little different. For example, maybe they thought about buying from you but were expecting a sale, or they needed an extra incentive to get them to cross the finish line . When promoting flash sale in the front, you want configure a Reach campaign . This will allow you to reach a larger audience and therefore more prospects. To create this campaign, simply select Audience as your campaign objective. Target your ad to your next audience or to a cold audience who may have similar interests in the products. To illustrate, if you own a children"s clothing store, you can target people who are parents or who are interested in a similar brand. # 3: Countdown to sale with organic Facebook and Instagram posts About 5-7 days before your flash sale, start sharing countdown messages daily on Facebook and Instagram. Plan your posts a few weeks in advance to give yourself time to think about how you"re going to generate organic engagement. It is a good idea to schedule your messages to avoid missing a day. Create 5 to 7 articles that highlightclearly highlight your sale. Make sure to include the date and number of days left, like in the example below: When creating these posts , consider using pledge brackets such as "tag a friend who NEEDS to be notified about this sale " or "Comment below with what you are planning to purchase. "These are quick and easy ways to boost your social engagement and organic reach. Most importantly, you create a personalized audience of people who have recently interacted with your Page , which you can then retarget via your ad campaign on the day of your sale. In addition to these feed posts, Facebook Stories and Instagram Stories can provide exposure more natural. Along with your countdown posts, share 2-3 daily articles about your products. Include flash sale reminder, date and featured product savings.By simply sharing the discount, you contextualize the discount on real products, helping customers visualize their savings. Another way to use Stories" functionality to promote your flash sale is to share live content about yourself that talks about your brand. This can work if you are the face of your brand or to present yourself as the face behind the brand. You can also ask your employees to share their enthusiasm for your sale. Describe to your audience what this is your biggest sale to date and what you are excited to offer to customers the ability to buy the products that they "ve had their eyes on for a while. You will generate buzz about your sale and connect with your customers. Giving insight into who you are and why you are doing this is a fantastic way to build a relationship with members of your audience. # 4: Run Instagra Adsm and Facebook via Your Flash Sale Day Conversions Campaign When you"re ready to launch your flash sale, I recommend that you set it up as a conversion campaign. By running a conversions campaign, you are not By selling Facebook, you want conversions. Don"t run your campaign for cart additions, landing page views, engagement, etc. because that"s what Facebook is going to offer you. Set your budget For campaigns that run for less than 24 hours, I recommend using a lifetime budget for the best results. To do this, enable Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) and select Lifetime Budget from the drop-down menu. You can also change this in the Budget & Calendar section at the level of the set of announcements. Lifetime budget is the best setting. If you used a daily budget for a 6 hour campaign, Facebook wouldn"t spend more than 25% (6 ÷ 24) of the budget youus specified, so you"ll need to take that into account. Most importantly, Facebook"s Pace Algorithm (which optimizes delivery to get the best results available for your budget) is not designed to optimize daily budgets over shorter time frames . Target ads to your warm audiences Once you"ve set up your campaign, you can create a number of ad sets to test the success rate of your audience and measure the best performing audience targeting. Because you are using your Flash sales promotion campaign, you can now configure multiple sets of ads targeting different audiences. These should include: All website visitors in the past 180 days Your client list Anyone who has interacted with your Instagram page and profile in the last 30 days If you"ve set up your naming conventions correctly (as in the example below), you should be able to instantly see which ad set works best. Choose expedited delivery Keep in mind that Facebook"s pacing algorithm may take some time to calibrate itself at first. Clearly not ideal if you want your campaign to start off on a high note. In this case, use expedited delivery. Selecting this option will completely disable the incentive algorithm and have you participate in as many. "auction as possible. Be careful though; while this improves delivery and helps collect data, it can also increase costs . He may even spend your entire budget before the campaign ends. You should always have a plan to monitor results and react appropriately in various scenarios. Conclusion Some companies choose to advertise salesntes flash on the day of the sale. At first glance, this approach seems logical. However, announcing the sale at least 1 week in advance will give you enough time to generate buzz around the offer. Start by creating an event on Facebook and encourage your audience to Like, Share, and Comment. Also post organic content through a series of countdown posts and share stories on Facebook and Instagram talking about what will be offered in the flash sale and pointing out that stock levels are limited. - launch an ad to promote your flash sale to your subscribers or to a cold audience who may have similar interests in the products. Finally, on launch day, run an ad for the duration of your flash sale using the optimization techniques described above. Remember that your pre-launch efforts will frame the launch of your flash sale. If you succeedIf pre-launch, your customers will be ready for your sale. This will dramatically increase your conversion rate and you will see a much higher success rate. What do you think? Are you going to follow this plan to promote your next flash sale on Facebook and Instagram? Share your thoughts in the comments below. More articles on selling on Facebook and Instagram: Learn how to write Facebook ads that sell . Find out how to encourage a buyer-friendly Instagram presence . Discover three ways to use Facebook ads to promote your products . E-mail Pin 1K shares