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Instagram's interface changes and adds two new tabs

Social networks   2020-11-12 19:10:37

The Instagram app will change for its billion monthly users. After a first phase of testing a few thousand profiles, the Reels now have their specific tab directly accessible from the home screen, replacing the shortcut to publish content. Occasionally, Instagram replaces its activities tab (notifications) with a special “Shop" menu. We detail these two new features below. Instagram takes a step forward in shopping With its influencers and brands, Instagram has never been far from marketing, on the contrary. But although the application had started to create shortcuts on the products displayedon publications, the sale had never been displayed in a specific tab. This is now the case. Instagram users will discover this new “Shop" tab, which can be described as a marketplace where all the publications in our areas of interest and containing products are listed. for sale. Photos, videos, this tab should make the joy of brands and influencers . Its arrival is not surprising, but inevitably, users who do not use Instagram for the sole purpose of following the activity of their loved ones will be disappointed. Instagram has its own “TikTok" section Since the "Reels" arrived on Instagram, comparisons with the format of TikTok have rocketed. It must be sa id that the principle is exactly the same: short videos, generally in vertical format, and scrolling automatically. Instagram is determined to make its novelty an integral part of the app. The proof is, within a few months, the Reels have their own tab available from the main screen. A rise in the hierarchy of the platform that has nothing to do with “IG TV". For the missing tabs, namely the one for notifications and the one for posting content, users will need to now look at the top right of their news feed, next to their inbox. Both shortcuts will take place here. Since September, users following the beta of the new Instagram display had not had access to the "Shop" tab and only the "Reels" tab replaced the "Discover", allowing access to the research. Instagram seems to have gone back to this type of posting, for good reason. Read also: how to delete your account Instagram? The tutorial Instagram By : Instagram Inc 4.6 / 5 110.8 M review App Store Play Store News