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Star Wars: Light of the Jedi explores Serenno, Count Dooku's home planet

Star wars   2021-01-06 07:28:35

The Star Wars universe continues to expand. Although the size of the official saga"s "canon" shrank significantly in 2015, new books appear regularly to expand the universe. After the purchase of Star Wars from Georges Lucas, Disney has decided to delete the works released before 2014 from the official universe of the saga. With the exception of course of the original trilogies and the animated series "The Clone Wars". This Tuesday, the latest novel in a new series has just emerged. The first volume of the saga dedicated to the High Republic, The Light of the Jedi, takes place around 200 years before The Phantom Menace. Artwork of the Haute Republique. Credits: Disney / The Light of the Jedi: Serenno, native planet of the Dooku account This new novel is set on Serenno, the planet that Dooku"s account is native to, so Disney decided it was time to learn more about his origins. Performed by the fantastic and late Christopher Lee , this character was one of the most striking of the prelogy. First a gifted Jedi then a dissident, before switching to the dark side, the Dooku account, or Dark Tyranus, is one of the most mysterious characters in the Star Wars saga . He comes from aimmensely wealthy aristocratic family of Serenno, hence his title of Earl . His charismatic and refined character makes him one of the interesting protagonists of the series. The High Republic explored through Serenno in The Light of the Jedi The book takes place around 200 years before the events of The Phantom Menace. At that time, the outer rim was still in the exploration stage. Serenno sits right on the outer rim, and has a reputation for regularly challenging the sovereignty of the Republic . Its senator, Izzet Noor, served as spokesperson for the territories of the outer with the High Republic. The book features this character with all-consuming ambition, and tells the story of this fascinating planet, taking place in a time yet little explored. Dooku has spent time on Serenno, between then where he left the Jedi Order and joined the Sith. The Jedi, disappointedby his order, militant towards a republic he considers corrupt, will definitively register his departure following the death of Qui-Gon Jin, his former padawan. After his resignation, he returns to Serenno and claims his title of count. The activist reputation of his planet corresponds perfectly to his ideals of the moment . The Light of the Jedi will provide an appreciable complement, and probably help to learn more about the fallen Sith. This first volume of the High Republic saga will also provide the context for the series L " Acolyte. The new Disney series will take place at this time. After the success of The Mandalorian, Disney has a ton of new content coming up for Star Wars fans . Star Wars: the High Republic to introduce a Jedi Wookiee Source: Scr e enrant