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Star Wars: why is Count Dooku's lightsaber bent?

Star wars   2021-02-16 07:28:24

You might have noticed this if you"ve watched the Star Wars prelogy, or the animated series The Clone Wars. Count Dooku, in addition to his charismatic and refined side, wears a very special lightsaber on his belt. The latter, in addition to its red color, a hallmark of the Sith Lords, has a curved shape, which differs from the usual lightsabers in Star Wars, usually with a straight handle. This atypical shape is not a simple artistic choice, and there are several reasons behind this particularity. Credit: Lucasfilm Count Dooku"s lightsaber was influenced by his fighting style Originally from the planet Serenno, notably explored in the new novel "Light of the Jedi" , Count Dooku returned to his home planet after his departure from the Jedi Order, which he felt corrupt and politicized. It was then that he studied the Jedi records, in order to craft a more powerful weapon. So, he created his curved-hilt lightsaber, which is more suited to his fighting style . Count Dooku is indeed a master of Jedi Fighting Form II, the Makashi, and has trained his Sith apprentice, Asajj Ventress, in this style. The Makashi , focuses on dueling, especially against Sith opponents. It represents the second form of the seven fighting styles employed by the Jedi. This style promotes precision and control, rather than power and strength. The grip coDooku"s lightsaber urbe allows for more elegant movements, more focused on finesse and precision, as required by the Makashi . The renowned Makashi masters are therefore Count Dooku, but also the Grand Imperial Inquisitor, and the Jedi Master Ki-Adi-Mundi, assassinated during the execution of Order 66. The lightsaber de Dooku was also influenced by Christopher Lee Played by the much missed Sir Christopher Lee, great British actor , the Earl Dooku remains an iconic character in the Star Wars saga. Despite an influence drawn from previously established facts in the Star Wars saga, Dooku"s saber shape is also strongly due to its performer. Indeed, Christopher Lee was an experienced swordsman. The comba stylet of Dooku has many similarities to the movements of a fencer. Particularly lunges, stance, footwork and one-handed attacks. Christopher Lee"s experience and style therefore also in some way influenced Dooku"s style. . Dooku"s lightsaber is inspired by the shape of a pistol grip, and fencing "cross" grips. If Christopher Lee had not already marked cinematic history sufficiently through his many legendary roles, this is also part of the visual appearance of Count Dooku"s lightsaber. No doubt this lightsaber will influence new designs in the many upcoming Star Wars productions . Source: