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SVOD: Chinese giant LeTV is in talks with Netflix

SVOD   2020-06-20 10:19:26 VOD portal - DR advertising The announcement of Deadline risks once again creating a stir in Hollywood. According to his information, two of the largest SVOD sites in the world could unite. LeTV is one of the most important sites of Chinese video streaming. With its 100,000 episodes of TV series, its 5,000 films, its live TV channels and thousands of other programs of all kinds, such as sports, LeTV is essential on the Chinese market with its 350 million page views per month and its 100 million unique visitors. Without forgetting that LeTV has signed VOD agreements with several American studios like Sony and Disney. Le TV also offers sport - DR The TV broadcasts live channels on its portal - DR Netflix is ​​very popular in China (several studies have counted more than 20 million Chinese Netflix users via a VPN) and has never hidden its ambitions to enter the Chinese market. Having an ally on the ground could prove to be decisive because many American IT infrastructures are not usable in the state in China. At the same time, LeTV has never hidden its international ambitions. As of 2012, LeTV had sought to open up internationally, in particular in Europe. The French market had even been examined in detail by the teams from the Chinese platform. Indeed, LeTV intended to rely on the powerful Chinese diaspora estimated at 80 million people in Western Europe. Already at the time, the Chinese site compared to Hulu and Netflix thanks to its model which mixed free, pa id and freemium offers (with advertising). With the rise ofs cloud-based platforms, LeTV can resume its dreams of international expansion. Especially if a partnership agreement with Netflix could come to fruition. LeTV is positioned both like Hulu and like Netflix - DR LeTV mixes free and pa id models - DR In addition, LeTV relies on its film production subsidiary LeVision to penetrate the American market and supply its video on demand site. It is for this reason that he created a subsidiary in Los Angeles in 2014. There are bound to be synergies between the two giants, and finally the announcement of discussions between the two groups is not that surprising. / p> The SVOD market continues to shake up my organizationworld media market.