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Top 8 hidden references to drugs in cartoons, Mickey smokes crack

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We think that cartoons intended for children are hyper controlled, but we had already started to be disillusioned when we understood that there was sex in Disney . And sex is not the only area that has passed through the propriety filter: drugs are also part of it. References to them are often hidden in the works that children watch. Call the police immediately. The stups, preferably. 1. Bud of the Space Zinzins is a reference to weed It is true that he always seemed a little stoned, Bud, the orange character of the band. But, what confirmed to us that he was well drugged, is that Orange Bud is a variety of Californian weed. And our parents let us watch the Zinzins from outer space without asking any questions ... 2. The characters in Winnie the Pooh all represent different drugs Please note that this is a theory which works pretty well on the internet, but nothing formally attests to it. She would like each main character in this cartoon to be associated with a drug in parparticular. Winnie, who is still somewhere else and still wants to eat sugar, is sa id to be on LSD. Coco the rabbit is still working and is impatient, he is on coke, as the name suggests. Tigger, who hops all the time everywhere without ever getting tired would consume ecstasy. Eeyore, who is very soft and not interested in anything, is a heavy smoker of weed. And Piglet, who freaks out for everything and nothing, gets paranoid because of hallucinogenic mushrooms. A very nice team of big cameos. We do not know if all this was wanted by the creators of this universe, but we would like to believe it. " style = "max- height: 400px; max-width: 99%; "> 3. Dumbo goes on a mega trip Apart from the more than difficult withdrawal phase, alcohol will never hallucinate, let alone as barred as those seen in Dumbo"s film, with pink elephants in every way. This passage, which is really very stylish, necessarily represents a trip on LSD or another highly hallucinogenic drug, and not a trip on alcohol as we try to make us believe. 4. Alice in Wonderland is full of drugs As soon as you grow a little, you can easily understand the amazing nature of this cartoon, where everything is a succession of psychedelic trips from the moment Alice falls into the rabbit hole. It"s not for nothing that the phrase "fall down the rabbit hole has become a way of referring to taking hallucinogenic drugs. No surprise when you know that Lewis Caroll was a heavy drug user. 5. Pinocchio takes a huge shot of cannabis In the scene in the video below, we see Pinocchio pulling hard on a cigar before finding himself hyper stone and having vision that is slightly distorted . We don"t make it for us: this cigar is nothing other than a disguised seal for political correctness. 6. Walt Disney"s Fantasia is clearly another hallucinogenic trip You just have to watch scenes from this musical feature to make the connection between colorful, psychedelic images and a trip to LSD. Thesis reinforced by the fact that "fantasia is the name of a phase of drug use; the phase in which we have hallucinations. "Coincidence?" I don"t think like we all sa id on Facebook in 2009. 7. Fillmore Cars" hippie van is stoned It"s not all that complicated to relate a hippie to drugs, and that"s what Pixar Studios did in Cars. Here, the famous Volkswagen hippie van has heavy eyelids and makes some references to drugs, which must oscillate between cannabis and LSD. It"s PAs very subtle, but the kids don"t even notice it. 8. Bob the Sponge probably took ecsta Energy h24, pupils who dilate regularly, love for everyone, it looks like Bob has used the drug of happiness. Nothing can attest to that 100%, but we would still be surprised to the contrary. That clearly won"t stop us from continuing to hope for SpongeBob gifts every Christmas. Rock your findings if you have others that illustrate different drugs . Sources: Wikipedia , Neonmag , 20minutes , Bustle ,