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Sherlock vs Moriarty: who is the smartest character?

TV series   2021-01-03 17:32:17

Few Pop Culture figures are as intelligent and resourceful as Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty. The two enemies have often clashed, especially in the legendary series Sherlock, broadcast on the BBC. While we are still waiting for season 5, let"s answer this question that all fans of the series ask themselves : who, Sherlock or Moriarty, is smarter? / ! Spoiler /! To begin with, it is necessary to remember that this kind of debate is absolutely subjective and that it is obviously impossible to compare the different characters on their strengths and weaknesses, becausein the end, it is the author of the work who decides who wins depending on who he wants to see triumph . This being sa id, we can start hostilities. The two protagonists s "clash mainly in Season 2 of Sherlock. In order to trap the latter, Jim Moriarty who boasts of being the only consultant criminal (as opposed to Sherlock, who boasts of being the only consultant detective ), develops a ploy to trap the hero by forcing him to commit suicide , aps soon as he shot himself in the head . In the final episode of season three, he returns as a message to every London TV screen , completing his ultimate plan. A plan Sherlock will have a hard time foiling without the help of his brother, Mycroft. Who is the "king "s gambit "? The two protagonists have each succeeded in thwarting two of the plans that the other has put in place . However, Sherlock had to call on his friends and especially his brother Mycroft to survive , and therefore did not triumph in this duel alone. On the other hand, Holmes managed to unplay Irene Adler "s phone riddle , where Moriarty failed miserably . This is explained by the fact that Moriarty is a psychopath, unable to understand the love that Irene feels for Sherlock. In doing so, he will pshore of a correct appreciation of his enemies. Besides, let us remember that Sherlock Holmes survives Moriarty"s trap, while the trap of the latter includes his own death. It can also be assumed that Moriarty may have benefited from the advice of Eurus Holmes, the demonically intelligent sister of Sherlock and Mycroft. and mycroft? If the debate between Sherlock Holmes and his nemesis seems to the advantage of the eponymous character, there is a brain in the race. Is Sherlock"s brother, Mycroft, smarter than the latter? The clues point in this direction, especially when we know that the consultant detective himself has declared that "Mycroft is much smarter than me ". It must be sa id that Sherlock"s older brother has sacred arguments to make. First of all, it works in the highest strata of British Secret Service. And he has on numerous occasions entrusted Sherlock with investigations that he himself had already solved . Why? Because he didn "t want to getting his hands dirty and he likes playing around with his brother. Finally, it is thanks to Mycroft that Moriarty"s plan has failed , since he put in place a dozen plans aimed at saving his brother.