It's been almost ten years since Homeland has been critically acclaimed on Showtime, now serving Carrie Mathison ( Claire Danes ) for the United States Touch their end with the eighth and final season. Originally adapted from the Israeli series Prisoners of War , the political and global landscape has changed both on screen and in the real world The rise of disinformation as a weapon has been very present in the aeve-to-last season and Russia has become a featured presence. Nonetheless, in Season 8, the Emmy-winning series builds on some of the old hits: a seemingly endless war with no resolution and Carrie putting her work ahead of her sanity. New York and Washington D.C. served as the backdrop for much of the previous two seasons, but domestic political machinations are put on the back burner in the Season 8 premiere, "Deception Indicated.

Carrie is confused about what she went through while she was captive in a gulag Russian for seven months, viewers are likely to feel similar due to the big gap between the seasons (the last episode aired in May 2018). Luckily, a fairly comprehensive "Previously Activated " fills in the blanks and the flashbacks of Carrie's capture highlight why she is still recovering.e. Aggressive questioning techniques punctuate the action and its treatment is discussed at length. There is a sense of finality to this premiere as this is the final run of the episodes, which gives the narrative a much needed jerk. For the viewers who held on when the buzz wore off and the plot took bizarre turns - Quinn coming back from the dead to be killed the following season, anyone? - the urgency of previous seasons is back. And in true tradition of last season, Carrie's journey has come full circle. However, now she is the one who can not be trusted.

 Homeland Season 8 Episode 1 Review: the loop is complete

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The success of Homeland's first season was, in part, due to the inability to read Brody's intentions ( Damien Lewis ) or how much his loyalty lay. Carrie was the audience's entry point into this potential deception, but she was also an unreliable narrator. Highly qualified as a CIA officer, but chased by past mistakes the agency made before and after 9/11, Carrie's bipolar disorder sometimes replaced the fractured psyche of the country. Now he has been used as a weapon, her meds have been suspended so that she cracks under the pressure. She was detained in Russia for 213 days, including what she believes to be 30 days of interrogation. And because of that experience, she is now the one watched with a suspicious eye. Did she give up vital secrets during her stay in Russian captivity?

Loyalty to the country This is something Carrie proved when she sacrificed her parental rights in order to protect the new President Warner (Beau Bridges). However, his ongoing medical treatment at a German facility reveals inconsistencies in his testimony and large holes in his memory. She cannot be reinstated or have a security clearance with 180 missing for days and her polygraph results indicate "deception indicated". Even though she hasn't knowingly given up on something or someone, it still raises huge questions about her ability to perform on the pitch. Carrie has always been a cowardly gun, but this is the most dangerous she has been in eight seasons. An unexpected encounter with senior Russian GRU operations officer Yevgeny (Costa Ronin) at the end of the episode refreshes her memory, in which she sees her captor offering comfort.strong during her psychosis. So maybe she gave up on her source? At this very early stage, Homeland is unlikely to present his cards, and there is much more to this story than Carrie's loose lips.

The death of innocent lives haunts Homeland. Brody was motivated to work against the United States by the drone attack that killed 82 children while being held captive and Carrie was involved in her fair share of the human incidents as collateral. She comes face to face with the family of one of her informants, an informant who was dragged out of his home before being killed by the Taliban, for helping the CIA. Carrie insists the leak couldn't have come from her as she never burned a source, but the cloudy flashbacks coupled with Evgeny's revelation suggest otherwise. It is not known how far Homeland will dive into its of American responsibility, but as Carrie struggles with her role in that death, does the show count with its own messy legacy? A legacy that has seen the Homeland team be criticized for representing Pakistan and the lack of nuance in its representation of Muslim culture - " Homeland is racist " was graffiti on set by artists hired in season 5.

'Homeland ' declared racist by its own Graffiti

Apparently the designers of the production do not read Arabic.