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The incredible legend of the Chronovisor, the machine to explore the Vatican's past

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Aside from being the nerve center of Catholicism, many believe that the Vatican is also a place of many secrets about our world. Among these secrets is one that could be considered straight out of a sci-fi movie. This is a device called Chronoviseur which would allow its user to visualize the past on a screen. In reality, it has never been proven that the Chronovisor really existed, yet a priest of the Vatican by the name of François Brune indicated in a book published in 2002 that the mysterious object was very real. Credits Pixabay According to Brune, Father Pellegrino Ernetti, a Benedictine monk, created the device and kept it secret until early 1960s. During this period, Ernetti reportedly told Brune that the Chronovisor had been developed by 12 scientists including physicist Enrico Fermi, Nobel Prize winner in Physics in 1938, and former Nazi scientist Wernher von Braun. Thus, the Chronoviseur would be equipped with cathode-ray tubes, antennas and special ls capable of picking up sound and light signals at all wavelengths. The device would have enabled its inventors to attend events of the past, notably the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The birth of the Chronovisor From what we can read in the book by Brune entitled "The New Mystery of the Vatican ", Brune met Father Ernetti during a boat trip on the Grand Canal in Venice in the early 1960s. At some point in their discussion, Brune was giving her opinion on the different ways. to interpret the Christian Bible, and it was there that Ernetti revealed that he had access to the truth through a device that could go back in time. Ernetti sa id that a team of renowned scientists had aimed to study the past. For this, they created the Chronoviseur. On the latter, there was a sort of "direction finder" that had to be set to choose the specific epoch one wanted to see on the screen. It was possible to record the footage. Ernetti explained that the object functioned like a television that picked up echoes from distant eras "floating" in space. Among the historical events Ernetti is sa id to have seen using the Chronovisor are would have had Marcus" speechTullius Cicero before the Roman Senate in 63 BC The priest would also have attended the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. With his team, Ernetti would thus have observed the most important events of the Bible. To see also: Try to double your salary with Expectra ! Truth or lie? We know that at the time , the invention of Father Ernetti and his team had been unveiled to the public. On May 2, 1972, an Italian magazine called La Domenica del Corriere published an article regarding the Chronoviseur and Ernetti"s statements. The article, which for example revealed that Ernetti had attended the Last Supper and had a souvenir photo of the event, was accompanied by a photo showing the Romans crucifying Jesus Christ. From aprAccording to reports, Ernetti maintained until his death in 1994 that the Vatican hid the Chronovisor to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. In 1988, the Holy See declared that anyone using an instrument with such characteristics would be excommunicated, despite never having officially recognized its existence. In a letter written by Ernetti shortly before his death, the priest maintains his version and indicates that Pope Pius XII had asked them to keep secret all information concerning the device since it was very dangerous, that it could " restrict human freedom. " Since then, we know that most of Ernetti"s statements have been refuted. For example, the photo of Jesus published with the 1972 article would be just a reproduction of a statue in an Umbrian church. In 1996, Paracelsus magazine published an article criticizing Ernetti"s statements. The article wondered between aother why the priest did not publish the detailed instructions to be able to manufacture the device. He also mentioned that the Chronovisor schematic closely resembled a similar device described in a 1947 science fiction novel. Thus, the existence of the Chronovisor remains a big one today. mystery whose secret perhaps lies within the walls of the Vatican. Who knows ? We may know more in the still undetermined future.