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Bub-Up: a bubble against the rain on a bicycle

Urban Mobility   2021-01-03 09:18:14

Credit: Rainjoy Cycling is great for the environment and also to stay in shape! But if getting around on two-wheelers under a beautiful spring or summer sun is pleasant, it is also necessary to think of autumn and winter during which traffic conditions are more difficult. Rainjoy has developed a “protective bubble" that allows dry cycling. Getting around even in bad weather This bubble against rain and cold, called Bub-Up , deploys almost instantly from a backpack and attaches on the handlebars at the front. The hood is integral with theof the user, which allows it to better protect against bad weather, and its shape is optimized to reduce wind resistance. No need for a hood, no more splashing, the cyclist can ride in street clothes. 80% of the body is under bubble protection. Once stored in its bag, the Bub-Up can be carried on the back, on the bike or as a "bag" under the arm. A pocket is available to store gloves, a smartphone, cables, etc. The product adapts to all bicycles, and even to scooters. The screen, made of a fabric half polyester half PVC ( without phthalate) weighs 1.1 kg. The diameter of the bag is 40 cm. The concept has been patented and it seems particularly well thought out for moving in the rain without the inconvenience of bad weather! The Bub-Up, dont marketing began three months ago, is starting to experience real commercial success with more than a thousand units sold. Available in black / yellow and blue / yellow, a screen costs € 119.95.