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Overwatch: Blizzard Unveils New Map Straight From Mad Max

Video games   2020-06-19 07:27:36

Two and a half months after the announcement of the map Horizon, Blizzard is comingt reveal the next card in his team shooter, Overwatch . This will be located in Australia , the country of origin of Jackal (Junkrat) and Chopper (Roadhog) . It"s not just new heroes who are added to Overwatch regularly. Blizzard intends to bring its team shooter to life and also regularly adds new cards with new mechanics. After Eichenwald , Oasis or Horizon , it"s now Junkertown making its entry into the possible choice of playing cards. Like Route 66, Gibraltar or Dorado, Junkertown will be a convoy escort card . attackers will not have to capture a precise point, but simply to advance a convoy across the map to the final point. In addition, in its presentation video, Blizzard unveiled some new map mechanics , like a platform that rotates on itself around other heights. On the story side, Junkertown seems to be closely related to the two Australian characters in the game, Jackal and Chopper , and straight out of a universe way Mad Max . The objective of the attackers therefore seems to be to trap the Queen of Junkertown with a parcel trapped through the meanders of the city. Blizzard has not announced when the Junkertown map will be available on Overwatch. As usual, it should first be available on the game’s PTR, the test server , before entering the final version of Overwatch. Junkertown: new escort card