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Twitch: several streamers banned for playing a Nintendo game

Video games   2020-11-22 11:57:57

The Twitch platform is at the heart of the news of recent days. After having pampered the most popular streamers of the platform , then formalized a partnership with Monstercat ( by upgrading affiliate status ), the platform is now talking about it after several streamers were banned for playing the latest Nintendo game . We are back on this case which relates to copyright and to a certain incomprehension on both sides . Pub slot: incontent_ad -> Several streamers banned from twitch Several streamers received a ban from continuing their streaming activity following a copyright violation for playing Hyrule Warriors: L "Era du Scourge (Age of Calamity in VO) in front of an audience. However, the game is already legally released in some parts of the world. Some streamers were eager, indeed, to present Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity to their fans. The game is indeed expected by some of the players , since apart from its gameplay, can be considered as a prequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild , which makes it all the more attractive . The new game indeed traces the events of the war against Ganon, the Scourge, which took place 100 years before Breath of the Wild. Since the game had already released in Australia and Japan , some streamers played it in order to present it as soon as possible , and thus, attract audiences. However, and despite the fact that Hyrule Warriors is already available, streamers have been warned and banned from playing the game . At least six Twitch partner streamers have received a message from the platform telling them that they should not have played this game before at least 48 hours , since they have for the moment broadcast the content of a "new video game " . This information did not please to all streamers, who have declared, oftheir side, own a legal copy of the game . Twitch"s battle to enforce copyright This controversy comes as the Twitch platform is waging a merciless war against copyright infringing users . We have known for a few months now, Twitch has been fighting by various means to try to enforce what the DMCA imposes (Digital Millennium Copyright Act). Grace to the DMCA , the rights holders have the possibility of report an infringement concerning a copyright to a website, which must be verified when the problem is, and make the right decisions . In the event of repeated infringements, the user may be definitively banned from the platform . Many Internet users had already complained sanctions previously, judging that the Twitch detection tool was not necessarily very effective. In the case of Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity , users who experienced penalties after playing it received Nintendo contacts in an attempt to win their case. At the moment, none of the streamers who suffered a partial or total ban on streaming did not communicate about a possible change of decision on the part of Twitch , which would have been caused by Nintendo . We therefore ignore forthe moment t if taking such a step will allow them to turn the tide . Pub slot: incontent_ad3 -> The reactions of the streamers On Twitter , streamers who received a message from Twitch were mostly quite responsive, and wanted to share sa id message to their community . In doing so, they were able to explain to all those who followed them their more or less prolonged absence in the middle of the stream . Here are a few examples: Pub slot: incontent_ad4 ->