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Top 13 free and premium content syndication plugins for wordpress

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Coming up with ideas, researching ideas, writing about ideas and finally posting ideas, every step of the content creation process is long and requires a lot of energy. However, exposing the content to new eyes is perhaps the part that takes the most time and energy. Anyone who wants to become a professional blogger and / or a writer will eventually need to learn the basics. Then there are the more advanced lessons on online marketing and how to expose content organically. One solution is to syndicate content, and below are content syndication plugins for your WordPress website. Content syndication offers a way to repost your content on social media sites, news aggregators, and article sites without your direct interference. You can also syndicate content from other sources on your own site. Master syndicationcontent means that we can both market our content to external resources and connect with other authors. SEO news Getting listed on Google News can be one of the coolest things for your media site with regards to organic exposure. Google gives visibility to sites that have been approved for the Google News platform. Being able to access this pool of visitors could mean a huge thing for your business. The plugin Yoast SEO News optimizes your Google News appearance. The plugin creates an XML sitemap specifically for news articles and a specific RSS feed tailored to the content chosen by the publisher. You can have an remarkable tag to allow your own content on top of everyone else"s. Of course, it has more fFeatures and snippets that guarantee your maximum exposure on Google News! WP RSS Aggregator Capturing feeds from other sites reached peak season at some point. Everyone was creating auto-blog sites that would leverage content from other sources. And since Google"s algorithm was not smart enough, many managed to make money without doing anything at all. These days, auto-blogging is somewhat of a myth. It is very rare to see a site that has been successful in generating income and maintaining a credible community base by only doing automatic blogging. The WP RSS Aggregator plugin is for those who want to supplement their existing unique content with relevant news snippets. Additional add-ons can help you extend this plugin with more functionalityfeatures. You can use keyword filtering to eliminate unwanted feeds. Add a plugin that brings together thumbnail data and content snippets to give your readers a preview of the content you pull from other sites. There"s even a plugin that turns posts into unique posts. However, it is not known whether this will be good or bad for your site and your content strategy. ThreeWP Automatically share content by multisite blogs on multisite blogs. Syndicate messages to other blogs, update them posts between blogs, share content templates, etc. Broadcast posts can be linked to their parents, which updates children"s posts when parents" posts are updated. This includes all data: title , slug, content, p-fieldspersonalized, attachments, etc. / "> available for download from the official ThreeWP website. In addition, your plug-in capabilities benefit from over 50 additions and different configuration options. You get them as soon as you activate the extension pack. Google My Business Auto Publish Instead of doing everything manually, you can use different tools to automate the process of posting your page"s content on social media. To share your content on your Google My Business page, the easy-to-use plugin, Google My Business Auto Publish, will do the trick for you. Keep in mind that posting to Google My Business is also very search engine friendly and can have a positive impact on your WordP blog or website.res. However, to save time and never forget to post again, we have a solution for you. Choose Google My Business Auto Publish and let it do the work for you. Although the plugin is free, it comes with a lot of features that you can set to share your content exactly the way you want. You can schedule posts or publish them immediately. Moreover, you can also distribute content based on the different categories that you define. Finally, Google My Business Auto Publish uses Google My Business API which allows it to automatically display your selected image and also sets a link to your site. LinkedIn Auto Publish To link your WordPress website to LinkedIn and automatically post content to the platform-social form, all you need is LinkedIn Auto Publish. In this collection of content syndication plugins for WordPress, we cover an assortment of different tools that will be of great use to you. Such social media platforms specific to the ones that include all platforms and then some. As the name suggests, LinkedIn Auto Publish is only available to LinkedIn users. LinkedIn Auto Publish is quick and easy to use, perfect for beginners and professionals. Moreover, it comes with two main functions; one lets you choose who you want to share your content with and the second lets you choose between simple text sharing or more advanced sharing that also displays the featured image. LinkedIn Auto Publish offers more than that, ensuring you get the most out of sharing from WordPress to LinkedIn. Facebook Auto Publish If you are running a blog and want to broaden your reach , try auto-posting to Facebook and spread the word. It"s the right auto-posting tool you need to keep all your Facebook fans up to date with the latest content as soon as it goes live on your blog. There are many different functions you can choose from to decide how you want your posts to appear on Facebook. You can set filters to post content based on categories or custom post types. Also, you can share text only, text with an image, as well as share a link to your blog post where they can find the full post. You can also enable or disable the posting of your WordPress page and post only to a Faceb pagespecific ook. Take action and start sharing. TGomatic With the popularity of Telegram, you might be very interested in distributing your content on that network as well. Instead of doing it manually, you"d better ask TGomatic for help. This WordPress content syndication plugin is ready to do the job for you. The tool will automatically publish the content from any WordPress blog or website. On top of that, once you set things up you can easily forget it, as TGomatic will do the background post for you. When it comes to posting to groups and chats on Telegram, you save a lot of time with TGomatic. However, you can also use the plugin to do it manually. But set the appropriate settings and see your content being delivered to Telegram users would ideally be. Blog2Social Blog2Social is quite self-explanatory . This WordPress content syndication plugin is free, but it comes packed with lots of features and functions. Once you"ve started crafting compelling content for your ever-growing blog, let Blog2Social do the distribution of your bosses- working on different social media platforms. This plugin supports Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, XING, Imgur, and Medium, to name a few. After you have set things up in Blog2Social, the plugin will then post new social posts for your posts depending on how often you prefer. You can also make all kinds of additional customization tweaks and improvements, tailoring the posts on social networks according to your style of signoring. Don"t make them feel too robotic! Some other features of Blog2Social are editing HTML markup, saving social posts as drafts, and auto hashtag generation. Revive Old Posts If you want to automate the publication of your blog content on your social networks, Revive Old Posts is the solution. This WordPress content syndication plugin is a versatile and powerful tool that offers you to save time with content distribution. Besides posts, Revive Old Posts also supports posting of pages and other types of content, such as recipes and e-books. In addition, Revive Old Posts is ideal for everyone. world, from newbie bloggers to authority sites to business website ownerselectronic exercise. With Revive Old Posts, you can post new and old content to your social media accounts, driving even more traffic. You can also specify the time between each social post, so you don"t bombard your subscribers too frequently. Other features are automatic hashtag generation, linking to your site, and excluding specific posts. Publication automatic on Twitter For Twitter in particular, here is Twitter"s automatic post. This free WordPress plugin will help you allows you to post to Twitter on autopilot. No need to manually log into your Twitter account, copy and paste the link for every post you publish. With Twitter Auto Publish, everything happens automatically. "other pluginsFrom automatic social sharing publication, Twitter Auto Publish also offers you to define different rules to publish content according to categories or custom post types. The tool can display simple text, a message with an image and even allows you to enable or disable the mention of your WordPress page. This is a fantastic approach to drive more traffic to your website. With a Twitter post that only contains an excerpt from your main article, you can grab their attention and make them want to know more. Take your online project to the next level. PressForward PressForward is the ultimate content aggregation and syndication platform for sites that have more than one editor at a time. With PressForward, you can find, collect, discuss andoptimize content based on your own specific needs. It was designed as a content curation platform to help bloggers, writers, and media sites collect content and optimize it for their own needs. NextScripts Social networks are the main source of traffic for hundreds of thousands of bloggers, and the Simply leaving social media behind is not an option. We are more than certain that eventually WordPress will support social media functionality natively (as much as that would make developers angry!), but for the sake of it. Now, we have to rely on plugins and external resources to help us expose our content and share it on social media. The SNAP plugin is aAmazing platform to instantly share your new content on social networks, be it Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Flipboard or LinkedIn (among hundreds of other social networks) that you want your content to be auto-shared out, SNAP will give you enough features and options that you never have to worry about manually posting your content to social media again. Just write a new post and either the entire post or its well-formatted ad with back will be published on all your configured social networks. You can reach the most audiences and let all your friends, readers and subscribers know about your new post. The plugin works with profiles, business pages, community pages, groups, etc. Messages are 100% customizable and adopted for each network configuration required. Microblog poster The microblog poster is very similar to SNAP in the sense that it will also automatically publish your content on social networks. The only exception here is that Microblog Poster also provides a feature that allows you to share your old content on social media. It"s critical that we understand the value of sharing our old content on social media, at least occasionally. Even when we publish a new post and share it on social media, only a fraction of our fans and followers are able to see the post due to how often other sources are also sharing content, so it makes sense to share some of the content we have produced several times to ensure its maximum exposure. Thanks for visiting Colorlib and reading this article! NOTwe appreciate it very much! Now you might want to learn how to build a website using our free WordPress themes .