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Desktop / explorer does not refresh automatically: the solutions

Windows   2020-12-13 19:52:33

When you create a folder on Windows 10 desktop or in Windows file explorer , the latter does not refresh automatically . This is a fairly common Windows 10 refresh problem that gets annoying quickly because you have to refresh with F5 every time. What to do to resolve these folder refresh faults? This article gives you several solutions to fix folders on the desktop or explore that are not refreshing automatically . Table of contents 1 Desktop / explorer does not update automatically: solutions 1.1 Reset search options 1.2 Delete the DontRefresh key from the Windows registry 1.3 Rebuild indexing of files 1.4 Disable Shell Extensions 1.5 cter network drives 1.6 Other solutions to resolve refresh issues 2 Links 3 Office / explorer does not update automatically: solutions Reset search options Start by trying this: Open Windows Explorer Then click on Display then Tools on the far right Click on the Search tab Then check or uncheck ALL the options. Apply Test if this fixes issues with desktop or explorer folders not updating automatically and refreshing on Windows 10. Delete the DontRefresh key from the Windows registry Then test the following modification of the Windows registry : On your keyboard, press Windows Key + R Then type regedit and OK On the left scroll: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT CLSID {BDEADE7F-C265-11D0-BCED-00A0C90AB50F} Instance Look to the right if you have a DontRefresh key. If so delete it. Restart the PC Check if this fixes the folder problems on the desktop or explorer that does not update automatically on Windows 10. Rebuild l "file indexing File search and Cortana uses file indexing to speed up the search . It "sa database that stores file information (location, name, size, date, data , ...). Corruption can cause file explorer or Windows to behave randomly. To resolve this you can recOnstruct indexing of files. Rebuild the Windows 10 file indexing Create a folder to check if the file explorer automatically refreshes . Disable Shell Extensions Installed applications load extensions on the file explorer called Shell Extensions . These can sometimes cause malfunctions. You can then deactivate them using d " Autoruns or ShellMenuView . Follow this guidefor that: Resolve explorer.exe crashes when right clicking Disconnect network drives If you have a network folder or FTP links (for example, project folders located on another computer in the office network, accessible through a mapped network drive, or FTP links pinned to the list of "Quick Access.) pinned to Quick Access, File Explorer may fail to refresh the folder automatically. This is especially true if Network File Share / Samba is not present or currently inaccessible. For example, if you are using the office laptop at your home, your office network resources will be scarce.may not be accessible from your home network. For problems with network drives, try this modification of the Windows registry: Open the Windows registry editor regedit Then scroll to the left HKLM SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Services LanmanServer Parameters In the right pane, find the value " IRPStackSize " Increase the value at 30 . Di missing: Add a new DWORD value with the value of 30 decimal Restart the PC to take into account the changes Other solutions to solve refreshing problems Disable the Client for Microsoft Networks in propertieses of the connection to the local network Reset folders: In the file explorer, go to the menu Display Then Options on the far right Click in the View tab then click on " Reset folders " Check if this fixes issues with desktop or explorer folders not updating automatically on Windows 10. Links Resolve right-click crashes on the Windows desktop Find / Repair the open menu with right click on Windows 10 Explorer.exe astopped working: Repair Windows Explorer Resolve right-click crashes on the Windows desktop Finding Windows Desktop Icons That Have Disappeared You found this article useful and interesting, please share it ... This article is under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license. You are allowed to share and edit this article, provided you credit the site and the license, d "use the same license if you modify the work and not to make commercial use of it. Desktop / explorer does not update automatically: solutions Follow these forum articles for an answer: Otherwise create your own request for free help. More dDetails: How to get help on the forum