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Rainmeter: gadgets to personalize the Windows 10 desktop

Windows   2020-12-16 00:58:32

Rainmeter is free software capable of displaying customizable gadgets on the Windows 10 desktop It allows users to create and display customizable user-generated widgets or desktop s called "skins" that display information. For example Rainmeter is able to display clock gadgets, weather forecast, system information. But also a skin to adjust the sound volume of your applications, add features to notepad ++, etc. It is therefore an alternative to Windows SideBar which is no longer maintained. Rainmeter mainly allows customize and personalize gadgets and skins. Ideal for gamers and hackers who like to keep a real time eye on system status with custom views. Indeed, thanks to these Rainmeter skins you can monitorr any part of the system by relying on software such as HWiNFOMonitor or HWiNFO . This article guides you to install and configure Rainmeter on Windows 10 to display gadgets on the Windows 10 desktop . Table of contents 1 / Rainmeter: display skins and gadgets on the Windows 10 desktop 1.1 Install Rainmeter 1.2 Install a skin 1.3 Manage installed skins 1.4 How to download Rainmeter skins and plugins 1.5 Display CPU, Memory, GPU, disk information and temperatures on Rainmeter 2 Links 3 Rainmeter: display skins and gadgets on the Windows 10 desktop Install Rainmeter Installing Rainmeter is not very complicated. Download RainMeter You then have the choice between a normal or portable installation. Follow the guide to complete the installation. Install skin The Skin is a plugin that the we add in Rainmeter in order to display a gadget on the desktop of Windows 10. The Skin consists of a configuration file and often a DLL file. The configuration file respects a syntax: variable, styles, Rainmeter skins come in two formats: Automatically : if the skin is in .rmskin format . In short: double-click on the .rmskin file, click on Install Manually : if the file is a .zip / .rar / .7z archive. In short: unzip the archive in the Rainmeter Skins folder. Refresh Rainmeter. In general they are crazyrnit in rmskin file which simplifies the installation. So when you try to open an rmskin file, Windows offers to do it with Skininstaller. We arrive on a Rainmeter Skin Installer page where we choose what to add. And the plugin is then installed. Nothing complicated then. Manage installed skins From the Rainmeter interface, we manage the active skins. The list on the left gives the installed skins with three buttons: Load / Unload : to make the skin active or inactive Refresh : refresh the plugin page Modify : open the text editor to modify the skin The + button allows you to add a plugin manually. Finally, you can find options for settings and parameters. We also have access to these from the icon of the zone Windows 10 notification . Here too, you can manage, modify, update or unload the skin. How to download Rainmeter skins and plugins Where to download Rainmeter skins to display gadgets on the Windows 10 desktop? Here are three links: On DeviantArt The Rainmeter Forum The HWinfo forum On Reddit On DeviantArt, there are a lot of skins with clocks, weather information and more. On the Rainmeter forums side , they are more like system skins. Display CPU, Memory, GPU, disk information and temperatures on Rainmeter Rainmeter can also query information from counters and sensors HWiNFOMonitor or HWiNFO . We can then display a lot of information on the CPU, memory, disk or network. On the other hand, it is not necessarily easy to configure because it is necessary to indicate the identifierss sensors. For ready-made and easy to use gadgets, follow this article: 4 free gadgets for Windows 10 Here"s how to display system information with Rainmeter and HWiNFO64. First of all in the settings of HWiNFO64, Share Memory Support and AutoStar t must be enabled. Download the skin from ce topic Once loaded some counters will not work, ithe skin must be changed Right click on the Rainmeter icon then HWiNFO > HWiNFO This opens the folder c: Users youruser Rainmeter Skins HWiNFO Open the @Resources folder and run HWiNFOSharedMemoryViewer.exe Then open the management of skins and on the HWiNFO Skin, click on Edit Notepad opens with c fileskin configuration Everything is in place to adjust the Skin. HWiNFOSharedMemoryViewer.exe lists the HWinFO identifiers that must be transferred to the Rainmeter skin. Here is the index: We report the IDs at the start of the configuration file where the are listed. They are of the following form: [MeasureCPUTemp] Measure = Plugin Plugin = HWiNFO HWiNFOSensorId = 0xf0000501 HWiNFOSensorInstance = 0x0 HWiNFOEntryId = 0x1000000 HWiNFOType = CurrentValue Here is an example where we set the CPU counters. "is quite repetitive and off-puttingbut this allows you to customize the plugins whether it is on the content of the display as the layout (graph, simple counter, etc.). Save the changes to the skin configuration file Finally click on refresh in the settings Rainmeter plugin So we get to get the plugins provided by users to work. Sometimes they provide the configuration file that you have to customize with the HWiNFO counters. In the topic given above, there are quite a few. Links 4 free gadgets software for Windows 10 Display a counter and number of FPS on your games MSI Afterburner: display FPS and GPU information on games How to measure GPU usage on Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10 You found this article useful and interesting, do not hesitate to share it ... This article is under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license. You are allowed to share and modify this article, provided you credit the site as well as the license, to use the same license if you modify the work and not in faire for commercial use. Rainmeter: gadgets to customize the Windows 10 desktop Follow these forum articles to find an answer: Otherwise create your own request for free help. More details: How to get help on the forum