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Solve code 10 on I2C HID device on Windows 10

Windows   2021-01-04 11:31:23

The I2C device linked to the hidi2c.sys driver corresponds to the touchpad or touchpad . So when the device does not start and does not work, the touchpad does not respond. In the device manager , we may then encounter the error next: This device cannot start. (Code 10). A request for the HID deor failed . This article helps you resolve code 10 on I2C HID device on Windows 10. Table of contents 1 Resolve code 10 on Windows 10 I2C HID device / a> 1.1 Restore Windows 10 1.2 Update your drivers with DriversCloud 1.3 Update Windows 10 1.5 Update the firmware of your surface tablet 1.6 Update BIOS 1.7 Rspare or reset Windows 10 2 Links 3 Solve code 10 on I2C HID device on Windows 10 Remember that there is a more generic article on device manager code 10: Resolve error code 10 in device manager in Windows 7, 10 Restore Windows 10 If you think the code 10 appeared as a result of an updateWindows 10 update, you can try to restore Windows 10. This allows you to revert to a restore point and therefore solve some operational problems. How to restore Windows 10 Update your drivers with DriversCloud A corrupted driver, missing or not up to date can sometimes bug. In this case, the device can not start and becomes not functional. An error code is then displayed in the task manager. Here it is code 10 with the message A request for the HID deor failed . Then try to update your drivers with the DiversCloud automated utility: How to update your drivers with driversCloud Finally the general article for update your drivers: How to update Windows drivers Update Windows 10 Windows 10 can get corrupted over time. This can result in slowness, errors peripherals and others. So upgrading to the latest version of Windows 10 can restore the system. So I advise you to install the latest update of Windows 10. To do this, follow this tutorial: The Windows 10 Update Assistant Once Windows 10 has been updated , check if this resolves code 10and the inability to start the device. This should help you get your touchpad back on. Follow the guide to solving touchpad problems A generic article about touchpad is available. Follow the steps and instructions: Troubleshoot touchpad not working in Windows 10 Update your surface tablet"s firmware If code 10 touches your Surface tablet"s touchpad, then you can update your Surface tablet"s firmware. This may then resolve the issues.touchpad malfunction. Download Surface Drivers and Firmware Updating the BIOS The BIOS of the PC stores the hardware configuration. It can also be useful in exchanges between the operating system and the hardware. A bug or problem with the latter can sometimes cause the components of your PC to malfunction. Updating the BIOS resolves some operational issues. Here"s how: Comment met update your PC"s BIOS Restart your PC on Windows and check if this resolves Code 10. A request for the HID deor failed . Repair or reset Windows 10 Finally, if nothing works, you can try to repair Windows 10 without data loss . This helps to restore the system when this last bug. The procedure is described step by step in this article: How to fix Windows 10 without data loss Finally if nothing helps to resolve code 10 and HID error then you can reset Windows 10. This is a reset the OS operation that removes the applicationstions and returns the system to its original state. However you keep your personal documents. This is the radical solution to get back to a functional system: How to reset Windows 10 Links Resolve error code 10 in Windows 7, 10 device manager Code 10 on Windows 10 High Definition Audio Controller Resolve code 43 on device manager You found this article useful and interesting, please share it. . Resolve code 10 on I2C HID device on Windows 10