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Welcomes Howard Kogan on Board as Chairman

Wordstream   2020-11-14 11:08:33

On the heels of our first acquisition earlier this month, I have other important news - just added to their management team, bringing in Howard Kogan as president! We"ve been growing wildly lately - in fact, we"ve just been named the 16th fastest growing private company in Massachusetts, thanks to our growth rate of nearly400% in the last three years. In December, we moved into a new office space to make room for all these new employees. At our monthly company meeting, I typically introduce eight or nine new ers each time! At FAST50 awards with people from across the company The temps has come to add more depth to the leadership team of. Howard Kogan joins us from C Space, a client agency owned by Omnicom. For the past seven years, he has served as President of the Americas region, Chief Technology Officer and most recently Global Chief Operating Officer, leading product innovation, development technology and acquisitions. He will step into the all-new role of President on June 12, adding even more power to our leadership team. As President, Howard will focus on managing the day-to-day operations of the business, assuming and driving our internal strategy. I will remain CEO and this additional bandwidth for management will allow me to fully focus on our external growth strategy, including the exploration of future additional acquisitions, managing our partnerships with companies like Google, Bing and Facebook, and explore new partnership opportunities to further fuel our growth. I "ve worked with Howard in the past when I first started startup, Molecular, so I know exactly how much he"s going to bring to the table. He"s a great person with exceptional values ​​that match everything we stand for at. Join me in welcoming Howard to the "team, and thank you for all your support!